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We help with training that focuses on obtaining more customers for your business and making the most of the customers you have. We know how important customer retention is so we have a range of customer service and sales training in Borehamwood, London and Sliema, Malta.

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Can we can help you to do more with your current staff

Sales Training - Let us help your sales team to fly, sales staff need constant development lets try some new ideas.

Customer Service Training - Let us energise your team get them thinking about what your clients need from them.

Cyber Security - Cyber Security Training & Advice

Enterprise Risk Management Training - Risk management training and Consultancy

Call Centre Training - Let us help you with your call centre training and set up to get maximum value from each engagement and focus on customer retention.

Sales and Marketing - Let us provide assistance, consultancy and ideas for new sales ideas and initiatives.

New Customer Development - Lets help you to investigate new opportunities and find new streams of customers.

Website Marketing - Lets really develop your website and show you strategies to grow your websites visibility and SEO (search engine optimisation)

Paperless Office in Malta and Electronic Document Management Systems - Help, advice and implementation

Business Planning - Lets work together to inject some energy and new ideas into business strategy.

Team Building and Personal Development - Let us organise your teams further education with team bonding and motivational events. We can organise both teams and personal development programs on site and also as away days and weekends.

We can help to create a tangible plan to ensure that things actually get done to move your business forward and support your team and business along the way.

Customer Service Training in London

Analysis of successful businesses show some traits that are usually absolutely obvious. But these are not always top of the list in the business delivery. Top businesses “Absolutely Focus On Their Customers”.

What this really means is that from their top board level down, the business is geared to delivering what the customer wants. The CEO and directors have a passion for customer service that inspires their teams to perform.

The effects of this is clear, customer service becomes an integral part of the organisation not only in the way that businesses react with their customers but also in the way staff react with each other.

Giving great customer service to work colleagues is as important for a business as giving great customer service to clients. If a business can achieve this total customer service commitment, clients notice it immediately.

The benefits of integrated customer service and excellence programs in a business can be extremely far reaching and not only bring retention benefits to customer profiles but also improve staff absence and sickness levels.

Sales Training in London

The holy grail of business is the attraction of more customers and their retention. The sales team is seen as the saviour and is generally under a little pressure to perform.

Clearly, unless the customer service elements of the business are in place and well developed the delivery of new customers buy the sales team may be laced with risk.

Additionally consultative selling techniques needed for coherent selling are far more effective when based on well developed customer service training.

The most successful sales teams develop a confidence, based on helping, consulting and leading their customers to products and services, using client feedback to close to sales and making the client feel part of a joint process.

We specalise in sharing these skills with and can reference project work we have carried out with many successful businesses in London and other parts of Europe. We have an office in Malta.

We can assist businesses from all market sectors and can train and assist your Teams in Face to Face, Account Management and Call Centre environments.

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